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In 2021, we had an impact:

In 2021, we helped them to fight:ARPA focuses on the importance of marriage and the family. Them Before Us provided succinct research and personal stories which help frame how broken families are harmful to children in a way that can be easily presented to Canadians and elected officials, so we can advocate for positive change.” -Daniel Zekveld, Policy Analyst

In 2022, we’re going further:

  • State-level plans to support rolling-back no-fault divorce and fight surrogacy. 
  • Equip international partners with the stories, studies and talking points they need to fight for children’s rights.
  • Guide state and international allies through proactive children’s rights advocacy.
  • Respond to needed amicus briefs in cases that could impact the entire nation.


    You’ve seen our list of 2021 accomplishments. We did it all without any full-time staff. Impressive yes, but we have more invitations for input and interviews than we have people to send. So in 2022, we’re beefing up our squad – both staff and volunteers.  

    • Train policy writers and speakers so we can say YES to more invitations 
    • Fortify children of divorce, those with LGBT parents, and donor-conceived adults to testify in legislative settings.
    • Establish leaders who can reach religious communities 
    • Educate overseas allies who can translate our materials
    • Coordinate efforts with new and existing strategic partners.
    • Streamline our processes so more kids can share their stories. 

    In 2021 we gave her a voice: “I was referred to Them Before Us by a friend. I didn’t know there was an advocacy group for children. As a child with a transgender parent, it’s not popular to talk about my negative experiences. Them Before Us validated me and made me feel like it was okay to speak honestly. There was no judgement, only sympathy. Because of their advocacy, other children may never experience what I did. I am so glad they are fighting for children’s rights.” – Evangeline


    In a recent survey, 74% of respondents agreed, “Them Before Us has made me more courageous when it comes to speaking about children’s rights.” W O W!

    People want to join the movement. Whether it’s volunteering to translate our website into Polish, hosting us on their podcast, or feeling empowered to defend children after reading our book, our inbox is full of passionate supporters. 

    In 2021 our engagement changed her mind: “We had just scheduled our fertility appointment when I came across Them Before Us. We are very pro-life but had never considered the ramifications of surrogacy and IVF. After seeing Katy speak and reading her articles, we were sick about the fate of leftover embryos- knowing that they are discarded or used for scientific purposes changed our entire conversation. I can say unequivocally that the Them Before Us material was the most influential information in our decision making process. This is not the way God intended children to come into the world. We canceled our appointment.”

    In 2022, we aim to engage the inquisitive teen, the determined church lady, and enthusiastic conference-goers to change more hearts and minds.

    • Empower followers to lead discussion groups using our free Them Before Us Study Guide. 
    • Equip churches to lead children’s rights study groups.
    • Double our social media engagement to reach younger audiences.
    • Engage 5 new international leaders/partners who can take our message to their corner of the world.

    When you support Them Before Us, you join a diverse coalition of Us adults fighting for Them, children.

    Adults like this:

    “I am a gay man who grew up in a household with a mother and father. As I grown man my personality is tempered by traits I got uniquely from each parent and I am grateful. It is evil to rob a child of this birthright. I can’t tell you the vitriol and hatred I have gotten from those in the gay community for my stand on marriage. I wanted to applaud your courage for standing up for children.”

    There is a global assault against Them.  Join Us as we fight back

    Katy Faust
    Founder & Director

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    This book pairs gold-standard research with hundreds of stories from children, many of which have never been told before.

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