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Last year, we were on the defense when it came to protecting children’s rights.  We often didn’t know about bad legislation until it was too late. This year, with your help, we go on offense.

  • Proactively monitor upcoming legislation.
  • Challenge every threat to children’s rights, whether by letter or in person.  When legislators hear the stories of kids, their perspective changes. After one state rep understood how her sponsored bill threatened the rights of children, she coached us on how to defeat it. 
  • Occupy a seat at hearings. Last Spring, Virginia asked us to send a donor-conceived adult to testify against a bill which stripped parenthood laws of the words “mother” and “father”. Sadly, we had to tell them “No” because we had neither the manpower nor the airfare.  The bill passed. In 2020, legislators need to look into the faces of those most impacted by their vote – the children. 
  • Equip international partners with the stories, studies and talking points they need to fight for children’s rights. The video we created in April for the Czech Republic in support of traditional marriage went viral, and even swayed their Prime Minister. Children in every country need defending. Them Before Us knows how to do it.
  • Collaborate with state-level allies. This year we worked with allies in New York and Minnesota to defeat bad surrogacy bills.  But our all-volunteer staff could only do so much, so numerous other bills went unchallenged. In 2020, that needs to change. 
  • File amicus briefs in critical court cases that could impact the entire nation.



Right now, we get more requests for interviews and speaking engagements than we have speakers to send.  In 2020, you can contribute towards the equipping of 8 new spokesmen with various backgrounds to take the message of children’s rights to their area of influence.

    • Train children of divorce, those with LGBT parents, and donor-conceived adults to testify in legislative settings.
    • Craft materials specifically for each leader’s area of influence- Catholic, Evangelical, Latter Day Saints, etc.
    • Sharpen our materials and talking points for maximum clarity and impact.  
    • Provide media training to each new spokesman.
    • Educate Them Before Us representatives on the research behind each threat to children’s rights so they can counter any objection. 



After interviews and events, we often hear, “How can I help??”  We want to offer these next-generation enthusiasts a more powerful response than just “follow us on Instagram.”

  • Develop  “Children’s Rights in your Living Room” discussion program.
  • Empower and equip Them Before Us fans to facilitate conversations in their sphere of influence. 
  • Survey our followers’ talents and passions (graphic design, organization, writing, marketing) and plug them in to our mission. 
  • Identify ambassadors across the country and internationally who can take our message to their corner of the world. 
  • Oversee our army of volunteers to keep them encouraged and on message.

Whether you want to change hearts by supporting our Leadership Development and Grassroots Engagement, or change laws by fueling our Legislative Impact, your gift will help us do what’s never been done before in conversations about marriage and family- give children a voice.

I’m not using “marketing” language when I say, we cannot do this without your help. We literally CANNOT do this without your help.

It’s past time for someone to defend children. That someone is you and me.

With great optimism for the future,

Katy Faust
Founder & Director

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