About Them Before Us

There’s nothing exceptional about the people behind Them Before Us. We aren’t professional writers or pedigreed activists. We are just people who think that children deserve to be the primary consideration when considering what is best for, well, children. We are ordinary people willing to state the cost that children, as well as society, pay when children are deprived of their fundamental needs.

We Strive to Make A Difference

Our Mission

Them Before Us is a global movement defending children’s right to their mother and father.

Our Vision

Them Before Us strives to put children before adults in every conversation about marriage and family. We seek to prioritize the rights of children in the culture and courtroom, the personal and the public.

Our Goals

  1. Educate the public on a child-centric perspective of marriage and family.
  2. Represent the rights of children on policy matters.
  3. Translate core TBU messages into every language.

Stacy Manning

General Editor

Jennifer Friesen

Operations Manager

Matthew G. Yeager


Emma Yeager

Podcast Production & Editorial

Brandi Walton


Katie Breckenridge

External Affairs Liaison

Nicholas Isel

Donor Conceived Advocate

Katy Doran

Donor Conceived Advocate

Katy Faust

Founder & Director

Help Us Put Children's Rights First.

Them Before Us is made up of ordinary adults who are committed to putting the needs of children at the forefront of the battle surrounding the very foundation of our society - marriage and family.  Are you an ordinary person too? Does your simple blood boil when children are expected to conform to the lifestyle of adults because you understand, maybe firsthand, how hard that is on kids? And are you tired of culture framing adults as victims when we all know that kids are the ones who have to pay the price? If so, we are your people. 

Join us. Stand strong. Speak up. Lose friends. All the cool kids are doing it.

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