Earlier this year, allies in Lithuania asked Them Before Us for help pushing back against the well-monied forces working to redefine the family.

The result?? The massive effort to redefine the family in Lithuania was just defeated!

This morning, one family advocate in Lithuania sent me this:

Dear Katy,
Yesterday Lithuanian parliament rejected the harmful civil union law, it’s a big win by now. You could hear children’s rights argument both in public discourse and in private conversations, your work really has a global impact! People also see, each time better, that it’s possible to love gay people and, at the same time, to protect children’s right to connection with both of their biological parents.

Them Before Us helped the Lithuanian people, and Lithuanian policy makers, understand the connection between marriage and the rights of children. We re-routed conversation away from adult desires and ensured, first and foremost, that everyone was asking, “What about the kids?”

If children are the focus of the debate, good policy will always be the result!

Your support allows Us to enthusiastically respond “Yes!” when any state or country needs our help. THANK YOU!

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