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About Us

Them Before Us protects every child’s right to their mother and father by educating lawmakers, media influencers, and concerned citizens about the harm children suffer when those rights are violated. We center the child in every conversation about marriage and family including divorce, same-sex parenting, reproductive technologies, surrogacy, adoption, cohabitation. We take this child-centric message into the culture and courtroom and insist that all adults do hard things on behalf of children.

The Problem

Over the last 50 years, culture, law, and technology have elevated adult desires above children’s natural rights. The result is children whose development is hindered, who grow up in less safe and stable homes, who struggle with their identity, and who are starved of the maternal or paternal love they crave.

Biology Matters

Biological parents advantage kids.

Children who reside in households with an unrelated adult (usually a male) have approximately a 5000% higher chance of suffering a fatal inflicted injury compared with children residing with two biological parents. 

Fathers Matter

Fathers aren’t optional.

Fatherlessness causes 90% of homeless/runaway youths, 63% of teenage suicides, and 71% of high school dropouts.

Donor Conception

Sperm or egg donor children experience profound struggles with their origins and identities.

65% of donor offspring agree, “My sperm donor is half of who I am.” 45% agree, “The circumstances of my conception bother me.” Almost half report that they think about donor conception at least a few times a week or more often.


Split homes = Split personalities

Nearly 50% of children of divorce report feeling like a different person with each parent, and 50% said their divorced parents’ versions of the truth were different.

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