Did you know that Them Before Us is the only organization solely devoted to defending a child’s right to their mother and father?  We are doing what has never been done– giving children a voice in the culture and the courtroom so that adult desires no longer dominate the conversation.  The health of our society, and the hearts of our children, ride on whether or not we succeed. Our outrageous goal, which is possible with your support, is to transform culture to such a degree that no parent or policy-maker will make a decision about family without first asking, “what about the kids?”  But we cannot do it without your help.

People from all walks of life support Them Before Us.  Here’s 20 reasons why you should too:

1. You want to support a global take-over of the narrative around marriage and family so all conversations revolve around the rights of children.

2. You have suffered the pain of not having a relationship with your mom or dad and find it abhorrent that your government, instead of discouraging such trauma, has instead begun to normalize it.

3. You have been a supporter of man/woman marriage for years and want to communicate why marriage matters in a new way that connects with a skeptical culture. 

4. You are ready to get a horse and ride through town shouting the truth about the greedy fertility industry and how it has reduced human children to commodities.

5. You know that fatherlessness is the greatest, most desperate social crisis facing our nation. 

6. You don’t think that manufacturing motherless children is “progressive.”

7. You have tired of adults being portrayed as victims when it comes to marriage and parenthood while the rights and needs of the actual victims, the children, are entirely ignored.

8. You bang your head against the wall when you hear people say that “gender is a social construct” because you understand how mothers and fathers are different and kids need both.

9. You have always been skeptical of the media-pushed, polished depictions of children with gay and lesbian parents and you appreciate that Them Before Us created a space for them to share their own story in their own words.  

10. Your parent’s divorce cost you more than it ever cost them and you wish that someone would have told your parents how their divorce was going to impact you… for life.

11. You believe that surrogacy is a form of human trafficking and you don’t think that people, especially children, should be bought and sold.

12. You can’t support some pro-family organizations who only seem to care about the children when it comes to gay marriage, but turn a blind eye to no-fault divorce.

13. You think all adults, gay and straight, should actively respect the rights of children rather than expecting children to sacrifice their fundamental rights for the sake of adult desires.

14. You are a gay man who cherished both your mother and father and are disgusted that surrogacy is being pushed in your name.

15. You are donor-conceived and Them Before Us is the only organization that is willing to formally advocate for your rights.

16. You are a feminist and are appalled that men are legally commodifying women’s eggs and wombs, and intentionally depriving children of a mother.

17. You want to support a children’s rights organization that welcomes all people- gay and straight, religious and irreligious- in all levels of their organization.

18. You are a Democrat and understand that there will be no social justice in areas of reducing child poverty, lowering incarceration rates, increasing high school graduation rates, reducing homelessness, reducing drug/alcohol addiction and lowering teen suicide, until we secure justice for the individual child.

19. You are a Republican understand that our country is founded on defending individual rights and that must extend to the most vulnerable- namely children. You also understand that without strong families limited government and a responsible citizenry is impossible.

20. Most importantly? You want to say that you helped launch a global children’s rights movement.

Whether you donate $50 or $5,000, we promise to change the world with it.

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