Children-First HR Guidelines

What are Your Benefits?

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What Are Children to Your Company?

Children matter to your business, not just because all of society needs children to grow into healthy, functional, productive adults. They also matter to your employees. Let’s be honest, children are one of the primary reasons your workers clock in each day. The children of your employees are of supreme importance to your employees, so they must also be of supreme importance to you. 

But children also matter to your company because you don’t necessarily have the same priorities as your competitors. You not only want to offer a great product, excellent service, and deliver value to your shareholders- you also want to do justice. Especially for those who cannot protect themselves. You want your entire business model to help, not hurt, children.

We understand that – for better or worse – businesses shape culture. We encourage companies of all sizes and in all industries to use their corporate heft to advance the interests of children for the sake of the individual child, their employees, and the nation.

Because of this, Them Before Us has created a set of principles that will guide employers of good faith on how to create a children-first policy that will not only benefit their employees but safeguard the rights of children as well. 

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What’s Inside?

Our Children-First HR Guidelines INCLUDE:

  • Natural procreative technologies
  • Generous adoption and foster care subsidies
  • Family-strengthening counseling
  • Holistic birth options
  • Generous parental leave

Our Children-First HR Guidelines EXCLUDE:

Life-violating procedures like abortion and IVF

3rd Party reproduction — separates children from their mother or father

“Gender-affirming” treatments which harm children’s bodies