Kathryn Francisco – It’s okay to believe that the method of your conception was wrong and still give thanks for your life

It’s such a vivid memory. One day, when I was about fourteen, I was riding in the car with my dad, and we were talking about ancestry. I was very curious about my roots. When I asked him what percentage Cherokee we were, he gave an odd response. I said, “If you’re...

Rashell – I can say with 100% certainty that my life would have been so much easier had my parents just stuck it out

My parents were young when they married. They were both 17. My mother was still in high school and pregnant. She graduated but my dad didn't. He worked in the oilfield in Oklahoma and made great money when times were good. I was their only child. I'm 41 years old now...

Caressa Fennell – My earliest memory is the day my mother committed suicide

My earliest memory is the day my mother committed suicide. That was the day the first crack appeared in my perfect, 3 year-old-life – the first crack of many that would break my heart and leave me broken, but not crushed, for a while. My story begins long before I was...
I feel like a sick eugenics experiment gone horribly wrong

I feel like a sick eugenics experiment gone horribly wrong

I am writing this very stream of conscious because I am so confused and have no place I feel is a safe outlet. My mom is very abusive. She would scream at me until I sobbed then scream at me to stop crying. She’d accuse me of “giving her attitude” and then demand I...

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