(Originally published on Reddit)

I just want to start this with saying I love my dads so much, they’ve always been good to me and I’m really close with both of them. But I also can’t help this feeling of resentment I’ve felt for so long and I’m not sure it’s anything I can even vocalize to them so it just stews inside of me.

They had me via surrogate who is my biological mom but she wanted no part in my upbringing and they didn’t really want that either.

Anyway, I have two aunts from one side of my family but I wasn’t raised around them and unfortunately both my dads lost their moms at younger ages so they both had passed before I was even born. I grew up without any women in my life really. It’s something I feel like I’ve always missed out on and I see all my friends and how they’re “best friends” with their moms and I feel really jealous and sad. My dads tried their best to educate themselves and they really did have an answer for most things I struggled with as a girl growing up but I still just never felt 100% understood.

I just really wish I had a mom. Or even a sister, but I’m an only child. I know my resentment might be misplaced but I can’t help how I feel. I think to the future and me getting married and how I won’t ever have those special mother-daughter moments or her help if I ever have my own kids one day.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this other than to use this sub for what it’s for and get this off my chest.