Sarah St. Onge – I needed a father, as do most other girls growing up in single parent homes

In 2016 I purchased an Ancestry DNA test. It sat on my counter for a week before I spit into the tube and mailed it out — sending my genetic material off into the universe, hoping to find some information about myself and where I came from. The idea was terrifying in...

Stephanie – I cannot express adequately how the trauma of my childhood has carried over into my adult years

When I was just a toddler, my mom married my stepfather.  She had just dissolved her marriage with my biological father mere months earlier.  My stepfather brought 3 of his own children to the marriage.  He had been divorced from their mother.  My baby brother was a...

Victoria – The impact of total abandonment by my biological father, and in part by my mother, has left me with emotional pain that still plays out today

My purpose in writing this is to explain some of the pain I have experienced by not having my mother and father raise me.  I hope my story can be a cautionary tale for anyone considering sex outside of traditional marriage.  In no way do I advocate for abortion.  I am...
I feel like a sick eugenics experiment gone horribly wrong

I feel like a sick eugenics experiment gone horribly wrong

I am writing this very stream of conscious because I am so confused and have no place I feel is a safe outlet. My mom is very abusive. She would scream at me until I sobbed then scream at me to stop crying. She’d accuse me of “giving her attitude” and then demand I...

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Tara – The father in my house was not really my dad

Tara – The father in my house was not really my dad

My parents married at 18 years of age because of my impending arrival. My mother and I—along with my brother, who came along 15 months later—lived with my maternal grandparents for the first few years of my life. My dad was in the US Air Force and stationed far away,...

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