Selena – I could not help thinking that this sounds like a business

While working as a doctor, [I've seen] that egg/sperm donation or surrogacy isn't questioned in terms of the impact that it may have on the child. I would say in fact, that it is celebrated. Celebrated in the sense that people are not allowing themselves to be...

Angelina – I slammed the phone down, ran to my bed crying in disbelief, and decided my friends would have to be my family

I had a different childhood as my father was 41 and my mom 18. After they were married for 10 years my mother started seeing a woman behind my dad's back.   One weekend, me, this woman, an old family friend a few years older than me who was visiting from the UK, and...

Olivia – We’re trading with humans, we’re selling humans, we’re buying uteruses. [Surrogacy] should be abolished worldwide

Olivia Auriol was born via traditional surrogacy in Louisville, Kentucky, and grew up between France and the United States. She recently shared her story in a Webinar with Abolition GPA about her experiences growing up as a child of surrogacy. While Olivia’s parents...


Them Before Us is made up of ordinary adults who are committed to putting the needs of children at the forefront of the battle surrounding the very foundation of our society - marriage and family.  Are you an ordinary person too? Does your simple blood boil when children are expected to conform to the lifestyle of adults because you understand, maybe firsthand, how hard that is on kids? And are you tired of culture framing adults as victims when we all know that kids are the ones who have to pay the price? If so, we are your people. 

Join us. Stand strong. Speak up. Lose friends. All the cool kids are doing it.

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