Despite the cancellation of several in-person events due to the pandemic, 2020 was a major year for Them Before Us. Here’s a just a taste of what we accomplished:

If you’ve only recently become on of US, you may not know that Them Before Us is the only non-profit tacking issues of marriage and family from the child’s perspective. And our work would not be possible without


At Them Before Us, YOU are a major part of “Us,” the adults who are rising up to defend Them (children).  YOU are part of this amazing children’s rights coalition of gay and straight, religious and irreligious, Georgians (peach eaters) and Georgians (Russian speaker). Without YOU, there would be no Us.

YOU make all of our work possible.  Work that needs to go farther in 2021. Next year, we are already scheduled to take the children’s rights message to the Czech Republic and Singapore. We are developing strategic partnerships with allies in the US. We are gearing up to defend children state-by-state when legislatures begin work in the spring. The world is hungry for this children’s rights approach to marriage, family, surrogacy, divorce, reproductive technologies, parenting, and adoption.  Them Before Us is the only one doing it.  

And we can only do it because of… YOU. 

That’s why on Tuesday December 1, I hope you consider giving to Us!

You can give on our website or via our donor-advise fund where you can transfer money from your National Christian Foundation account, or direct deposit from your bank.

The truth is, our nearly all volunteer non-profit has done more than many orgs with salaried, full-time staff. And in 2021, with your help, we will expand our reach!