We applaud the Alabama Supreme Court‘s pro-child decision which recognizes and protects life in all circumstances, inside or outside of the womb. This decision is an important step forward in holding the fertility industry accountable, including their processed which lead to the demise of around 93% of lab-created babies.

Recognizing the humanity of children at every age and stage of development is foundational to justice. No matter how challenging our personal circumstances, the solution must never be to strip children of their fundamental rights and needs. A just society never insists that the weak sacrifice for the strong. It is adults who must sacrifice on behalf of children.

We must put Them before Us.

For more on why we consider this decision great for the rights of children, check out the latest from Katy in The American Conservative: Alabama Sets the Stage for a Supreme Court Fight Over IVF.

Last Friday, the Alabama Supreme Court reversed a trial court’s decision regarding embryos destroyed at a fertility clinic. Their ruling applied the Wrongful Death of a Minor Act to all unborn children, including those outside the womb. The landmark ruling underscored Alabama’s commitment to protect unborn life in Section 36.06 of their constitution which acknowledges, declares, and affirms the sanctity of unborn life and unborn children’s right to life. In essence, the court determined that from the moment of conception a child’s right to life, whether in a mother’s womb or in frozen storage, must be respected, protected, and defended.

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