Katy and Jenn love fielding questions from our fellow Them Before Us advocates. We’re going to document questions that have already been answered and which episode you can find them in. Enjoy!

Them Before Us #034

  • Will the Alabama decision change the IVF industry?
  • How should we speak to our church friends who say they’re Pro-Life but are in favor of IVF and disagree with the Alabama ruling? (The 7% stat you hear us mention a lot.)
  • How do we respond to people who’ve already participated in children’s rights violating technologies and practices?
  • How should we interact with those who are considering using these processes or technologies and haven’t yet?
  • What’s Them Before Us’ stance on “fertility treatments?” and is there an ethical way to do IVF? What about IUI?
  • NaProTechnology (We’re not advocating for this specific office, but just trying to give people the language, a link to check it out for yourself)
  • What’s the best way to interact with compassion and truth to a same-sex couple living next door with kids your kids age?
  • How to change laws in your state?
  • Embryo adoption? – Check out episode 28 & (Check out Katy’s Federalist article here.)
  • Should divorced Christians date/remarry? – – Check out episode 28
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 Them Before Us #30

  • What should nurses that work with labor, delivery and other professions that encounter children’s rights violating technologies do?
  • How should the parent at home help their kids handle parent absence because of jobs like military deployment?
  • How can we make evangelicals listen to the ethical issues with IVF and surrogacy?
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Them Before Us #028


  • Is it moral to have big families with so many kids that need to be adopted?
  • Can you talk about the ethics of third party reproduction if you haven’t dealt with infertility?
  • Is it okay for a parent to get remarried after a Biblical divorce?
  • How should someone handle not wanting to attend the same-sex wedding of a family member or friend?
  • Is it okay for a woman to freeze her eggs if they’re not fertilized?
  • What’s the children’s rights perspective on embryo adoption? (Check out Katy’s Federalist article here.)
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Them Before Us #026

  • Is Them Before Us anti-adoption/foster care?
  • Katy’s thoughts on the SNL skit about gay men “trying to have a baby.”
  • How has Big Fertility (ivf, surrogacy, etc) gotten away with not having the same standards as adoption?
  • What’s the difference between surrogacy and adoption when a child loses birth mom in both?
  • Should a single mom be trying to force a relationship with her child’s bio dad, stay single, or try dating?
  • Should step-parents adopt their stepchildren when bio parent isn’t in the picture?
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Them Before Us #023

  • Does Them Before Us have plans for Canada, Central and South America?
  • Does divorce impact adult children as well? (See our TBU article on this here.)
  • Will TBU share their opinion on which political candidates are “children’s rights friendly?”
  • How does TBU think about the tensions of daycare and a child’s need for care from mom and dad? (Check out Erika Komisar’s work here and her speech at the ARC.)
  • What are TBU’s policy recommendations for tightening no-fault divorce laws while still protecting women from abuse?
  • Are we doing work connected to foster care?
  • Are we working to get pornography websites to age verify across the U.S. to protect children?
  • What can we do to encourage more peer reviewed publications and studies that verify this work?
  • Who has more authority over children, the biological parents or the state?
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Them Before Us #09

  • Why did Katy start Them Before Us?
  • How does Katy’s mom feel about TBU and Katy’s work?
  • What do we think about “inter-racial” adoption?
  • What’s the TBU position on same-sex couples adopting?
  • How can we “sustain marriage” in modern society?
  • What’s a small scale way to support Them Before Us?
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