International special interest groups that promote the redefinition of marriage and of family and gender identity expend great effort to pressure governments worldwide to advance their version of “human rights” – rights that ironically completely ignore the rights of children. But, on March 1st, which coincidentally happened to be the “Day of Non-Discrimination” in our region, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Panama issued their ruling against same-sex marriage. The Justices of the court concluded, that besides the societal norms that establish marriage as the voluntary union of a man and a woman, it is “objectively and reasonably justified in the general interests of giving precedence to those unions capable of establishing families, giving continuity to the human species, and therefore, to society.” Therefore, Panama now legally recognizes marriage exclusively between a man and a woman. This decision goes against the edicts of the “Interamerican Court of Human Rights” (Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos) an international interest group that continuously accuses the Panamanian Constitution of not recognizing human rights.

The joy and outrage exploded on Twitter and other social media, as those who have the best argument celebrated the courts recognition of the natural family; joyful that the court ruled to uphold the noble cause and moral foundation that recognizes the right that children have to grow in a society that protects them in the best place possible, with the mom and dad that brought them into existence. This celebration was met with outrage by those who don’t wish to honor a child’s natural right to their
mother and father.

I write as a former journalist in Panama and having borne witness to many of my former colleagues media propaganda version of the fight for equality, I’m proud to report that Them Before Us has been my force to stand true for children’s rights in the face of so much opposition. Pro-family groups I’m in contact with have also been encouraged by the research Them Before us provides, both on social media and in the book, “Them Before Us, Why We Need a Global Children’s Rights Movement.” Their resources offer effective approaches to the family issues that appeal so strongly to compassion but threaten a child’s potential. The goal of Them Before Us is training common people like us, housewives, teachers, grandparents, professionals, pastors, youth group leaders, how best to approach this vitally important topic.

The root issue that is most important is what’s best for children. Them Before Us builds a solid argument that pierces at the hearts of people, human rights are best protected when children come first and not adult’s desires.

I believe a divine break has presently brought what would have eventually led to chaos to a halt in my country, and the influence of Them Before Us has been a refreshing, truly compassionate ally in the fight. I encourage Them Before Us to continue being a courageous and truthful voice, getting those facts we need for these dangerous times.

– By Cilinia Bueno, Them Before Us Spanish Rep