Them Before Us is continuing to spark a global movement thanks to the tireless efforts of our overseas followers! Latvian children’s rights advocate Alina Ozolina has written an article about our work on the educational web magazine “Telos,” which is frequented by Latvian scholars, intellectuals, and even some members of Parliament! She is also working on getting our website translated to Latvian and is hosting a GoFundMe campaign to fund our book getting translated into Latvian! Alina says:

I am a wife and a mother of two small boys, just recently returned to work. I work as a health data analyst at the largest medical institution in Latvia. The book “Them Before Us” was recommended to me by the editor of the philosophy portal “Telos” ( at the time when I took the initiative to summarize research papers on the impact of the father on child’s development. Both the emergence of this portal – less than a year ago – and my modest initiative are a response to the ruling of the Latvian Constitutional Court two years ago. Then it decided that a law for mother’s female partner, who is not legally able to receive a paternity leave, is unconstitutional. It is an attempt to substantiate what I, as a Catholic, have taken for granted all this time with non-theological arguments. And that’s why the book Them Before Us and the global movement with its argumentation base, research, statistics and, most importantly, stories fascinated me. It showed ways and words to articulate inner belief in secular arguments.

Alina’s article, which can be read HERE, covers children’s rights to their mothers and fathers from a legal perspective, the differences between adoption and donor conception, the consequences of donor conception, and how children’s rights to their biological parents are natural rights (as covered in Chapter 1 of our book!)

Please support Alina in her efforts to translate our book into Latvian by donating HERE!

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