Ahead of Father’s Day, we asked our social media followers and advocates:

From lighthearted to serious, children’s rights activists honed in on the distinctive that only dads can offer their children.

While he certainly gave me the ‘girl talk’ on the day I needed that talk, since he saw my mom had no intention to explained to me, he was best at making me feel protected, that gave me lots of self-esteem. I greatly appreciate that he chose to do so, after the fact that his father took zero responsibility of his family…Now that I’m a mom who has had difficult times in that issue, I applaud that my father never abandoned his family even when his traumas were huge, he did the RIGHT thing and stay with us, protected us, provide for us; he might not be the best dad in the world but he’s the best dad in the world to me. I can’t thank him enough, he had a very rough childhood, no child should go through.

He showed me what kind of man would make a good husband and father.

He took me on my first date to show me how a man should respect and treat a woman and to explain to me what makes a man feel loved and respected by a woman. Even my husband considers him one of his closest friends and confidants. He’ll go to my dad about advice that he can’t ask of anyone else.

He taught me to work hard and never quit, how to treat guys fairly and not like a toy, he showed me what a man of his word looks like and what to look for in a husband, he was unapologetically protective of his girls and passionately loved/loves my mom.

Shooting powerful guns from a pickup driven out into the middle of the desert. MY MOM wouldn’t EVER do THAT! Stories that last a lifetime…

He taught me how to stand for myself, be brave and keep going. Even If I was the only one telling the truth. …also how to fish and fly a kite.

He believed in me no matter what, and was tough on me as far as school, and work. He was a hard working, confident, accomplished, free-loving spirit, and lead by example..

Taught me the value of hard work and the importance of loving God. He was more of a “teacher”, while mom was more of a “carer”.  

Modeled fidelity and interdependence in marriage, and provided for and protected his children. Still going strong.

He modeled true manhood.

He showed me that men can be kind, safe, honorable, and responsible, and to seek those qualities in a husband. Other than life, he was my mother’s greatest gift to me.

Risk controlled ‘dares’ and physical toughening up. The ability to forego the need to be loved (popular) if necessary.

Show me by example what kind of man I should marry.

My dad actually listens.

Teach me how to choose a really good man because my father modeled it with my mother.

Aggressive protective tactics. He always made me aware of my surroundings in day-to-day.

Provide strength and stability in a way a man could.

Provide a different way to digest the world/information.

Was the staunch line in the sand. Brought me back when I went too far.

He taught me how to drive! My mom had severe anxiety/depression/OCD so she couldn’t.

I am more like my dad in terms of personality. I understand myself better by knowing him.

Give a secure calmness in my life.

Provide me a safe space from my emotionally abusive stepdad.

He let me hang out with him in the garage while he built things.

When he said I looked nice it meant a lot, but not when my mom did, even though she was great.

Taught me how a woman should be treated. Disciplined me, provided for me.

Parked on a hill, got out and forced me to learn to drive a stick. No hair petting.

He set a high standard for what to look for in a husband by how he loved my sisters and me.

My dad loved sports. I learned all about football and baseball from him.

Instill in me what level of respect I deserve from a man.

Ignore me when I was being overly emotional. Best thing I got from my dad.

Dad jokes all day.

Added an easygoing energy to the home.

Work three jobs so we could be home.

Safety because he was so strong.

My dad pushed me academically. My mom was afraid to make me feel bad but my dad wanted me to improve so he was brutally honest to the point that it hurt, but it helped me to push myself.

Crickets: My mom was terrified of them so we were too. Dad would calmly catch and release them.

Taught me how to take risks safely. He’d build a fire and have me poke around to see what was hot.

He got down on the floor and played with us.