2023 has been quite a year for spreading the children’s rights message! We’ve had video and podcast interviews across 38 platforms, including chats with Lila Rose, Allie Beth Stuckey, and Kristan Hawkins

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We’ve written for 11 platforms such as World News Group, Washington Examiner, and Public Discourse, and have been quoted in LiveAction, The Epoch Times, and Evie Magazine.

  • We spoke to Lila Rose about the ethical challenges with Big Fertility and the just and pro-child response, with Allie Beth Stuckey about how LGBT activists are redefining infertility, and with Kristan Hawkins about why children are not commodities.


  • We chatted with Tim Pool about surrogacy, men’s rights, and modern parenting along with Jeff Younger.

  • We spoke on CGN in Korea sharing about the state of children’s rights in the USA and why it’s important to face the challenging issues from a children’s rights perspective no matter what country or culture you’re facing them in.

  • We went to London to continue our collaboration with Jordan Peterson’s Alliance for Responsible Citizenship.

Check out our other interviews and articles:


Politely Rude with Abby Johnson – Crucial topics surrounding children’s rights, pro-life advocacy, surrogacy, adoption, reproductive technology, and the importance of setting a worldview foundation in your children

Tipping Point – Polyamory

Namibia Family Conference – 4th Annual Namibia Family Conference: Beginning at hour 1:16.

Issues, etc. – Conservative Arguments against Surrogacy

The Tammy Peterson PodcastThe death of marriage & its impact on children (Jordan Peterson’s wife)

Moment of Truth – American MomentKaty discusses all things family and children

Brave New Us: Catholic BioethicsThe dire need for children’s rights

The Austin InstituteKaty talks to Dr. Marianna Orlandi on children’s rights to intact families

PearlKaty discusses TBU’s views on marriage and family issues

Shamer with Seamus CoughlinSurrogacy, IVF, gay adoption

Off the Bench with Heidi St. John – Why we are losing our kids to woke culture and what must be done to turn the tide back to reason and Biblical truth

Tim Pool IRLKaty on Biden/2024 election

Ascension Lutheran Church, The Henkel Conference 2023 – A conference devoted to Christian theology and cultural engagement

Tipping Point – How every major problem we face would be solved if mothers and fathers committed to loving each other and putting children’s rights first

John Anderson – The importance of mothers and fathers and why changes to government policies and social movements need to consider the child’s perspective

Family Policy AllianceHow children’s rights are rarely elevated above what adults want and how their rights aren’t reflected in policy. How children have the right to a mother and father and what that looks like in regard to marriage, divorce, and reproductive technologies

Mama Bear Apologetics – The Impact of Marriage and Divorce on Children

Lyle SheltonDefending children, family and faith against the tyranny of wokeness.

ReFOCUS with Jim DalyKaty makes the case for a child’s right to life and their right to both a mom and dad, which supersede whatever adults may feel. She also encourages loving adoptions and offers practical advice for talking about difficult issues with a compassionate mindset

FBC Family Life Podcast – Part 1 – Interview about all things children’s rights

FBC Family Life Podcast – Part 2

Jack PosobiecUkraine baby factories

Timcast IRLSunday uncensored/members only podcast

Issues, Etc. – Katie Breckenridge on the impact of gray divorce on adult children

UnAborted with Seth Gruber – California legislation dedicated to fighting for “fertility equality.”

Engage Arizona/Center for Arizona Policy – How we need to reject the current ideology of social acceptance in order to defend our children’s rights

Maiden Mother Matriarch with Louise Perry –  Why the TBU philosophy centres children’s rights and the areas this impacts from reproductive technology, to childcare and adoption.

Catholic Podcast “Radio Maria England”Katy argues that by defending the “little ones” (Matt 18:6) of society we recover that radical model of marriage that the Church has always stood for.

Colson Center – What the Sexual Revolution stole from children

Theology for the Church – Jennifer Friesen on the importance of prioritizing the rights of children in every conversation around marriage and family

World News Group – How re-defining marriage has caused the rise of polyamory in U.S. cities

We The People – Jennifer Friesen gives a rundown of Them Before Us

Boom ClapAdoption, surrogacy, no-fault divorce, and same-sex marriage

Conserve Namibia – Why kids need a mom and a dad

Issues, Etc. – The Republican Party and Children’s Rights 


Them Before Us – New European study claims that children with two dads are doing better than those with heterosexual parents

The Federalist – The Conservative, Pro-life case against surrogacy

The Federalist – By pretending surrogacy is a right, adults deny the rights of children

The European Conservative – Open letter to Georgia Meloni about protecting traditional family

The American ConservativeKaty Faust for Big Marriage

Them Before UsMitochondrial Replacement Therapy

Them Before Us – We asked followers about what their dads offered them that no one else could

Them Before Us – We launched our podcast!

Them Before UsOur joining with Jordan Peterson’s ARC

Washington Examiner – Obergefell/Why children are the victims of marriage equality

Diocese of Tucson – No-fault divorce and what it looks like for adults to conform their lives around children’s rights

Christian Network EuropeHow it’s not possible to celebrate the polar opposites that are both surrogacy and Mother’s Day

Public DiscourseWhy children need to be at the center of family policy

NewsweekWhy the GOP needs to become the party of child protection


Daily Citizen – Guy Benson’s announcement and why it’s not Conservative to support surrogacy

The Christian Post – Guy Benson’s surrogacy announcement

World News Group – Health care providers covering fertility treatments

World News GroupHow re-defining marriage has caused the rise of polyamory in U.S. cities

Evie Magazine – Why it’s fundamental to the human experience for adults to crave biological children and vice versa

Evie MagazineMother hunger

Public Discourse – Quote on marriage from TBU book

Epoch Times – Damage caused to children by no-fault divorce, fatherless households, reproductive technologies, cohabitation, and same-sex parenting

Daily Citizen – Guy Benson’s surrogacy announcement

LiveAction – Donor-conceived people in the UK getting biological information, IVF and surrogacy, Having a dog choose which embryo to implant, Shane Dawson surrogacy, IVF, California SB 729, Glamour Magazine, Chrissy Teigen surrogacy, IVF and abortion, and Paris Hilton surrogacy