It doesn’t take expensive collegiate letters after your name to fight for children’s rights, it requires that you possess something infinitely more valuable. It requires courage. Courage to state the obvious- children need their mother and father.  If only courage were as easy to obtain as a degree.

There’s nothing exceptional about the people behind Them Before Us. We aren’t professional writers or pedigreed activists. We are just people who think that children deserve to be the primary consideration when considering what is best for, well, children. We are ordinary people willing to state the cost that children, as well as society, pay when children are deprived of their fundamental needs.

We are ordinary people who have decided that, regardless of being labeled *insert insulting dismissive name calling here*, telling the truth about children was more important than our comfort. At some point, each of us said, “I wish someone was fighting for children because it’s the right thing to do and no one is doing it.”

Then we looked in the mirror…

Our Vision

Them Before Us exists to advance social policies that encourage adults to actively respect the rights of children rather than expecting children to sacrifice their fundamental rights for the sake of adult desires. We aim to equip all adults to defend the rights of all children.

Katy Faust

Katy is a Fulbright scholar and holds undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Asian Studies. In an unusual turn of events, she was able to put her collegiate pursuits to use in the real world when she launched her career with the largest Chinese adoption agency on God’s green earth. Katy began her public campaign in 2012 to change the tenor of the debate surrounding all things family away from focusing on the desires of adults and toward prioritization of the rights of children.  Two amicus briefs later, her articles have appeared in USA Today, Public Discourse, and the Federalist. She has lobbied lawmakers in our own capital, the United Nations and as far afield as Australia and Taiwan. Wife and mother, Katy wears many hats. Most of these are covered in debris due to the aforementioned four children but she does her best to look presentable. Mostly.

Mary Summerhays

Mary comes from a prairie land full of fireflies just west of Chicago. She is an award winning and energetic graphic artist and marketing specialist for several pro-family causes, who spells like a drunken sailor. She takes delight in bringing the best speakers and presentations the audiences they deserve. Her quiet home with six kids belies her deep personal acquaintance with the issues of the sexual revolution. She is passionate about the vital role of gender complementarity within the larger fabric of the human family, as well as our place in it. On weekends and holidays she indulges in the study of relationships in ancient cultures, particularly Egyptian and Semitic art and poetry.

Stacy Manning

Stacy would rather eat nails than write a bio for herself. As her second decade as Mrs. Manning comes to a close, she is mother to three and, as of the publishing date of this bio, her wall dedicated to Parenting Awards remains empty. Stacy is a self-styled authority on the Right Word and enjoys drawing out storytellers by helping them find those words. She gives her time to Them Before Us because she is devoted to the cause of all children and dreams of launching her children into a world where the rights of children are respected and protected.

James Lopez

James was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He graduated summa cum laude from Indiana University and is currently a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University. He is a student fellow at the Love & Fidelity Network and has written for The Federalist, Public Discourse, and The Stream. He holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and does not plan to stop his training anytime soon.

Jennifer Friesen

Jennifer graduated in 2009 with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Special Education and is pursuing a Masters in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. She has worked for a Christian non-profit since 2010 focusing on adolescents with developmental disabilities. She is passionate about caring for those marginalized by society which translates well into advocating for the rights of children and being a voice for those who cannot defend themselves. In particular, she desires Christian culture to be equipped for healthy and helpful conversations around sexuality and sexual ethics. Other interests include: political and pop culture discussion, volleyball, reading fiction, and learning Spanish.