In 2021, Katy joined the Fé e Tulipas podcast out of Brazil to talk about the rights of children and all the ways adults sacrificing for children plays out in our politics and public policies. This message can apply to all sorts of cultural contexts, even on the other side of the globe. Here is an english translation of the video’s caption:

Currently, we hear several messages that devalue the family and take from view the most basic rights of children, the right to have a father and mother. In this interview, I had the incredible opportunity to talk to author Katy Faust about how adults should put children and their interests in front of their own. Divorce, “same-sex marriage”, artificial insemination and reproductive technologies are modern elements that put children in great danger. The family, having a father and mother in the house is the best chance a child has in relation to safety and stability. The importance of the family is clear in children’s lives and in early childhood education, we cannot take that away from them. In the book, Them Before Us, Katy summons us to stop making children sacrifice themselves on the altar of our desires. We must do the hard work, we must sacrifice ourselves so that they do not have to do this. We must put them before us.”

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