Nearly every country that has legalized commercial surrogacy has proceeded to ban it. Most recently in 2015, Thailand and Nepal; Mexico followed suit in 2016 and India banned commercial surrogacy last year. Cambodia, just this week, drafted legislation banning commercial surrogacy. These bans result from witnessing firsthand that where surrogacy goes, exploitation follows.

The baby buyers and sellers don’t disappear though, they just take their Big Fertility Money elsewhere and lobby to open a new marketplace. And thanks to Democrats, three disgraceful “Republicans” and Governor Jay Inslee(D), Washington State, by way of the “The Uniform Parentage Act”, is open for child trafficking business.  

House Republicans proposed amendment after amendment to limit the damage of the bill: prohibitions on felons creating children, limits to the number of babies which can be produced, requiring “intended parents” to undergo adoption-like screening, provisions to ensure that participants be US citizens. Every single attempt to safeguard the child was rejected by the Democrat majority. House Rep VanWerven said of the Uniform Parentage Act, “In the six years I’ve served in the Washington State House of Representatives, I have never been more disgusted by such a sinister piece of legislation… This bill sets virtually no limits on the amount people will be able to sell or purchase a human baby for.”

The Uniform Parentage Act will be official state law starting January 1, 2019.

Stay tuned as brokers move from their now-defunct overseas locations and hang their shingle in Washington State.  I imagine the lawyers and clinics that lobbied for this bill are excited to get their hands on the boatload of money at stake coordinating the sale of sperm, egg, and womb. Just think of all those billable hours helping international customers navigate the legal waters of leaving the country possessing children with which they have no direct relation. After all, it takes a lot of time, money, and staffing to systematically strip children of their fundamental rights.

Do I sound alarmist? In California where laws mirror the UPA, 80% of one California fertility agency’s clientele is international.

We will never be able to track who is buying these children and where they are being taken. We won’t know the outcome for a child/children purchased by a man, grown in the uterus of a woman desperately in need of money. We won’t know that he left with the child, or multiple children, with the sole intent to sell them for sex. We won’t know that he has turned to surrogacy instead of plucking children off the street at the Port Authority bus terminal in order to prostitute them. Conveniently for him, “intended parent” offers far fewer entanglements than does kidnapping runaways.

Such disaster surrogacy cases aren’t hypothetical. These men created a son for the sole purpose of subjecting him to a pedophile ring. I imagine when they shopped the gametes they chose attributes that turned them on. Why wouldn’t they? 

We won’t hear about these horrors until it’s too late to save the children. That is if we hear about them at all. What we will be treated to are glowing, adult-centered stories of desperate infertile couples and gay couples or, maybe a Hollywood starlet that just couldn’t endure stretch marks, that have finally realized THEIR dream of manufacturing a family. There won’t be any discussion of ethics or morality because, apparently, ethics are not really a thing here in Washington any longer.  

We won’t hear about the push to lower “costs” (monetary cost, of course, the actual cost to the child is irrelevant) which will result in more at-risk women being trafficked for surrogacy.   

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by this Democrat legislation. They are the party that reveres the “right” to dismember a baby in the womb and turns a blind eye to Planned Parenthood trafficking their little parts. Obviously, endorsing the sale of live children is a natural development.

The Uniform Parentage Act is a law that is based on the assumption anyone involved in the selling and purchasing of children has nothing but the best of intentions. It also reveals either the frightening naivety of our elected officials or a shocking absence of conscious.

I’m not sure which is worse.

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