How Same-Sex Marriage Creates A Court-Mediated Market For Orphans

(Originally Published at The Federalist) Pop quiz. Name one great novel in which a child embarks on an epic quest in search of his missing uncle. Just one. No? Okay. How about this? Name a major motion picture in which the central drama surrounds the main characters...

A Child-Centric Approach To Public Policy

(Originally published at NC Family Policy Council) Have you ever been accused of bigotry for your support of traditional marriage?  Yeah, me too.  In fact it was that very accusation in 2012, from both Facebook friends and the media at large that finally made this...

Game of Truths- What makes that King or Queen rightful? It’s who their father was, of course.

The entire country, myself included, is under the spell of Game of Thrones and as a Child’s Rights Activist it is perfectly obvious to me why that is so. Family is at the heart of this epic story, whether it’s the meta-narrative or the bit players, and I believe that...

Gender Matters in Writing… And Parenting.

Supporters of gay marriage have aggressively promoted the idea that “all kids need is love.” They argue that children do not specifically need the love of their father or the love of their mother, just generic “love.”  For that to be the case, there must be no...

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Them Before Us is made up of ordinary adults who are committed to putting the needs of children at the forefront of the battle surrounding the very foundation of our society - marriage and family.  Are you an ordinary person too? Does your simple blood boil when children are expected to conform to the lifestyle of adults because you understand, maybe firsthand, how hard that is on kids? And are you tired of culture framing adults as victims when we all know that kids are the ones who have to pay the price? If so, we are your people. 

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