Sasha – …for children, marriage has always been, and remains, the permanent bond between the two people both responsible for their present and future well-being

Marriage: Many believe that the institution of marriage is becoming obsolete, evidenced by historically low marriage rates. Further, marriage is increasingly believed to be a private contract intended to gratify adult desires. However, for children, marriage has...

2020 Round Up!

It's been a tough year for everyone. But despite the pandemic, the distancing, and the economic challenges, children's rights have marched on. Here's a round-up of what Them Before Us has accomplished in 2020, thanks to your support. We wrote a book!  Them Before Us-...

Why We Think About Divorce, Surrogacy, And Family From The Wrong Perspective (Originally published at The Federalist) Katy Faust is co-author of the new book, “Them Before Us: Why We Need a Global Children’s Rights Movement,” and director of the non-profit Them Before Us. She...

Help Us Put Children's Rights First.

Them Before Us is made up of ordinary adults who are committed to putting the needs of children at the forefront of the battle surrounding the very foundation of our society - marriage and family.  Are you an ordinary person too? Does your simple blood boil when children are expected to conform to the lifestyle of adults because you understand, maybe firsthand, how hard that is on kids? And are you tired of culture framing adults as victims when we all know that kids are the ones who have to pay the price? If so, we are your people. 

Join us. Stand strong. Speak up. Lose friends. All the cool kids are doing it.

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