N. Smith – …the wound caused by missing actions on [my father’s] part is definitely still there in my adulthood

I grew up in a single mother household. My parents divorced when I was six or seven years of age, my brother was three, and my sister was thirteen. When my parents divorced, we were living in California and my mom moved us to Michigan. My dad followed us, and they...

Michael – …for all of those years, it was more important to keep denying that children need fathers

I am speaking up about these events for the first time in my life, at the age of 36, because no child should ever have to endure what I did, of which what I wrote is a mere summary, sparing many details and protecting many guilty parties of even more than I write. My...

Hannah T. – I have sat on my grandma’s couch more than once crying, asking why my life turned out different than my siblings

My parents divorced when I was 11 years old. There are 5 of us children and I’m in the middle. When I was young, my father was a preacher, and I became a born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 6. During this part of our childhood our mom was a...
I feel like a sick eugenics experiment gone horribly wrong

I feel like a sick eugenics experiment gone horribly wrong

I am writing this very stream of conscious because I am so confused and have no place I feel is a safe outlet. My mom is very abusive. She would scream at me until I sobbed then scream at me to stop crying. She’d accuse me of “giving her attitude” and then demand I...

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Tara – The father in my house was not really my dad

Tara – The father in my house was not really my dad

My parents married at 18 years of age because of my impending arrival. My mother and I—along with my brother, who came along 15 months later—lived with my maternal grandparents for the first few years of my life. My dad was in the US Air Force and stationed far away,...

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