Louise – Not knowing donor identity is like being lost in the middle of a great, featureless ocean

(Originally published on Tangled Webs UK) Discovering, aged 32, that I was donor conceived was, to put it mildly, a bombshell. It made complete sense, explaining the lack of similarity to my social father, not to mention the tensions between us. It explained why I...

Evangeline Kippling – Transgender mom and meth addict dad

My parents were separated before I was even born and they got officially divorced when I was 1. My mom started dating women after that...and she also cut her hair very short and dressed kind of manly. My dad went to prison twice when I was younger for possession of...

…I was just filled with anger all the time. That’s all I really feel about my existence. Anger.

(Originally published on AnonymousUs) Growing up it was just my mom, my two very involved godparents and me. I always knew I was missing a biological father. I always had to explain to my friends since the age of five why I don’t have a dad. I liked it, I got...

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